Laminated Paper Edge Boards (Angleboard)

Angleboards are used for the protection and reinforcement of all kinds of parcels, cartons, pallets, etc. By providing horizontal or vertical protection, angleboard corners enable the safe storage and transport of products. Angleboard corners, available in different models and dimensions, are ecological and entirely recyclable.

Traditional angleboards with a Kraft finish, with or without a logo, standard white corners with a matte or gloss finish, and water-repellent corner protectors with a plastic finish.

Small angleboard corners or wedges, edge board or edge protectors provide protection from impacts. The strength of angleboard wedges ensures crush resistance during transport and storage.

 We highly encourage your consideration of Abazac's unique patented product line.
  • Wing reduction: Due to Abzacs MFT, Multifold's Significant, three beam resistance to rack twist.

  • Caliper Reduction: Abzac's multifold unbeatable three point bend strength.

  • Economical
  • Safe and secure handling
  • Stabilizes pallet loads in transport
  • Over-wrapping for strength and safety
  • Recyclable

  • Used in food, furniture, pharmaceutical, aviation, fruit and vegetables growers industries, etc.

  • Over-wrapped quality finish
  • Robust
  • Easy use
  • Multi color printing on premises
  • Interweaved packaging

Angleboard for Edge Protection
Wings Thickness Length
inches mm inches mm inches mm
1x1 25x25 0.060 to 0.400 1.524 to 10.160 2" to 100"+ 50.80 to 2540+
1.5x1.5 38x38
2x2 50x50
2.5x2.5 60x60
2x3 50x76
2x4 50x100
3x3 76x76
4x4 100x100

ASC Angleboards are available in custom sizes. Please inquire.

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