ASC High Recovery Nylon Strapping

ASC HR Nylon is a competitive priced, high abrasion resistant product with excellent "Memory", allowing for high tension recovery on loads that settle and shift in transit or storage. ASC HR Nylon is the latest product development in the long history of nylon strapping.

This product has proven successful on loads such as: Large rolls of plastic pipe and electric cables, Formica products, boxes on pallets, masonite sheets and plastic lumber. Standard two-piece tooling with scored/grit seals [serrated], manual combination tools or friction weld tools may be used with ASC HR Nylon strapping.

* Standard color is black and green available please inquire.

Strap Size Ft. Per Coil Break Strength
5/8" x .028" 5300 1000 lbs.
5/8" x .035" 4000 1300 lbs.
5/8" x .040" 3800 1400 lbs.
3/4" x .040" 3800 1700 lbs.
3/4" x .050" 2500 2100 lbs.


  • 16" x 6" Coil - 24 Coils Per Skid

All Measurements (size, footage, tensile, thickness) are normal measurements based on average measurement made on a number of samples. Variations in measurements are due to standard manufacturing practices. We reserve the right to make changes.

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