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SRT 200

Semi Automatic Rotary Tower Pallet Wrapper

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    Ideal for unstable or overweight pallet loads, the SRT series uses a rotary tower attached to a 20" powered pre stretch carriage which rotates around a stationary pallet load on the floor(30" carriers are also available. Please Inquire). In addition to maximizing film usage with the pre-stretch carriage, these machines are ideal for situations that require frequent floor cleaning since they don't have a large foot print and there are no components on the floor.

    The motor and wear parts on the SRT models can be purchased directly from ASC or off the shelf from your local hardware store. Contact Us for more informartion.

    The SRT 200 can wrap 40-50 pallets per hour based on a standard 4' x 4' x 4' pallet size and has no weight limit. If you need a system that can handle more pallets per hour, please Contact Us for more information on the equipment that we can provide you.

    Help us to help you. Fill out this questionnaire and we will provide the information on a machine designed to your specifications. You can return the document by email, fax, or mail.

    The SRT models are North American made products. As you can tell from the videos below, many options are available for Integration and Automation. For more information on how to adapt these machines into your existing line, please Contact Us

    Product Preview